Creepy Sounds Captured in an Abandoned Mine

Noises start at 12:17 [YouTube comment] Natasha Zinkiy ""This is a big comment, read it if you want to understand everything in this video"" So after spending the last 2 hours with a friend in the work editing the video just to hear the back ground and finding the amount of voices that spoke which goes up to 30 that were detectable and audible because some spoke the same thing with timbre and so here it is what was capable of understanding from the video and voices were all there all along just unable to be detected unless you completely mute the video except background noise Here what i heard and i will not post all by order: "Stop!! Fear us fear fear us Were on the other side Do you hear from us? Take it off!! Take us off!! See us... He is not one of us.. Does he hear us ..? I'm on fire set us free... Set us free yes you can.. Yes he can.. Get out.... You see me on the shadows the other side.. You are asking me? Yes, can be. Bastard. Get out Do you see me? You'll see me on the surface. He way is shut . It was made by those who are dead.. And the dead keep it.. The way Is Shut .."