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I did, but it was my older me who called last year, so I guess in 14 years I will call the younger me and remind 'me' to take the car in for that recall.

18, "I made the right decision".

19 to warn about the impending sexual assault and get myself set up with a good castration knie

My mother's mother died before she was 3, and her father split up the family. She was raised by a sister, and she didn't know she had brothers and sisters until she was 12. I have no idea what ever happened to her father. She never talked about her family.

My father's father was a religious wacko and his wife left him when he moved to a farm in Utah. So dad was raised by a lonely nut who was always a jerk and occasionally violent.

My younger self needed a lot more than a one minute phone call.

18..i would have told myself not to go down on that girl in the back seat of my car...sure enough,i found a used tampon on the floor or it the next day...uggg