The minute you start thinking about dumping someone...they start being sweet. Is this the law of opposites in action?

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That's the law of buying some extra time, most likely..

@Sukiesnow Sweeny Todd?

Yea, sweet Sweeny Todd

@DandyDon Yea, sweet Sweeny Todd

I don't know the story...do you?

@Sukiesnow I don't know the story...do you?

I would have to read it again..it's been a while..

Something to do with a crazy barber..

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Who would want to dump someone who is so easy to please??

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I'd buy you the gas station....

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... the hot dog stand.....

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.. And, the florist biggrin smilie

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You fixin' to dump someone??

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@Carla You fixin' to dump someone??

It all depends...:)

I don't mean Blocking someone....rarely do I do that... I'm happy with the 4 I have blocked... All of them have either been mean about animals or been bullys to me...but that doesn't mean there still aren't some bullies on Amirite... Even ones who say "I've never bullied anyone in my life..."

Sorry...just needed to spill that...ha.

@Carla HA!!

Ha... she said sheepishly.

@Carla Am i a bully??

Ha...never, but I won't mention names...

Some days I get fed up...but moreso since...does anyone ever recognize what they are when someone mentions it?

Oh you are giving it a nicer title than me. I just think it means the person is a complete jackass and it is time to just move on because if ya don't it just keeps repeating. They should be being sweet without having to have a reason.

I don't think that's opposites attracting, it's just the opposite happening at random, or maybe they got the hint you were upset and they needed to be nicers or something happened and they were able to be nicer.