Being 19 years old I find it odd that I constantly wish that I were born in a different generation. I can barely relate to the people my age and it seems like my aspirations and goals completely differ as opposed to all of my peers. It feels like most of my generation and below stand for shallow superficial lifestyles and promote confident ignorance. I feel like a lone wolf in a pack of rabid diseased dogs.

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There are times in life where you go thru being either the oldest and youngest. And also...sometimes you might not fit in with either...

Resign yourself to being an individual...eventually this will probably balance out.

I just want to escape this shallow pursuit of gain but unfortunately there is only one escape I am far too afraid to attempt.
I just hope that this mindset will take me somewhere besides a mental hospital.

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The only material in my life I can truly be connected to is my guitar and the music.
But there is a point where materialism isn't nearly enough to fill the void of social contact.


It is not easy to go through life not feeling connected to the people your age.
Growing up everyone just wants to feel accepted and involved.
If you take a good long look and have had a firsthand experience at what this generation is like you would understand.
It makes the future seem like an ominous place when I'm the only one on this path

As Tiff says, I have been like that my entire life. In my teens I much preferred those in their 20's and 30's. Now I'm past that and still find more common ground with people in that age group. Although I also find open minded and intelligent people such as you, in all age groups so I'm open to anyone.

I belonged to the blank generation. The problem is it was the generation of apathy, iphones, spoiled whining, and songs were about the worst thing that could happen to someone....a breakup....oh boo hoo you broke up kids are starving in the streets but lets pay attention to your dating woes

Maybe you need to find different friends.

@StarzAbove Maybe you need to find different friends.

Trust me I don't tolerate people like that in my life anymore. I've had my fair share of trying to care

Might want to put away the crack pipe...open your eyes and become what you see in your dreams

Same here, except I call it "rose in an onion patch". The first thing I noticed after I left school was that I was totally unprepared to live a normal life. I had no idea how the real world worked and I wished people would stop treating me like a criminal because of my lack of knowledge. A long time later I learned that public schools all over the country had simply stopped teaching useful subjects between 1930 and 1960.

The nation is collapsing. Symptoms have been showing since WW2. A cultural collapse is not fun. That is what you are noticing.

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Well, there were many lawsuits against school boards in the late 50s, a period known as "busing". They failed because schools had stopped teaching civics a long time before, so there was an entire generation of parents who did not know how to enforce their wishes in a legal manner. The nation has never recovered.

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Agreed. Parents are quick to acknowledge that they consider school to be a baby sitting service.

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