A MGTOW confessed his love to me, is MGTOW a load of crap?

MGTOW or "Men Going Their Own Way" is a male supremacist group made up mostly of men who are sick of getting rejected so instead of becoming better and more appealing people, and possibly learning to bath right and treat women with less desperate lusty outbursts, they blame it all on the women themselves and pretend they don't date women because of some political stand they're taking and striking a blow for "male rights". Uh huh yeah...

One of them just admitted to me that he has extreme desperate love for me and he can't hold it in. He's become like a little puppy following me around (not you cf...though you were another MGTOW who likes me). This confirms my suspicion that if a girl wanted to sleep with them they wouldn't do what their cartoons show and say "nuh uh sister" they'd go oh please oh please oh please!!!