I understand writing. I understand cooking. I don't understand politics. What do you understand or, least understand...

Generally what you understand tends to be something you might be more than okay at...i don't understand cleaning...altho I do understand revamping.... Is there something you have an intuitive grasp of...and possibly could have made a career of...and, also, what is it that you least understand...? Driving, weather forecasting, women, home renovation...farming...the study of rocks...sports!

Image for post **I understand writing. I understand cooking. I don't understand politics.** //What do you understand or, least understand...//
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Most Understand: Raising a good family, I understand cooking and baking but I don't like it. lol

Least Understand: People who throw their friends under the bus because of a political disagreement. Long time friends who have always been there for one another, disagreed and blocked.

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Thanks, I try to be.

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hug smiliehug smilie lol Saturday morning, not fully awake yet. lol

I understand most things that have to do with building.

I dont understand computers, much.
But that is likely from lack of interest.

I also dont understand art. I appreciate it, but how an artist gets there, no

I understand: software development, music, art, gardening/landscaping, some sports ..

I don't understand: most machinery, electricity, physics, chemistry, abstract math, the nature of reality, people...

I understanding sports, wanting to help others, wanting to be good at something that's important to you

I don't understand the art of cooking (I try to, but it just doesn't come naturally to me), I don't understand why people make life harder on other people

I understand writing (not to be presumptuous), I understand horror movies, i don't understand geometry, trigonometry, or calculus.

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I understand everything...I don't always agree but..im open minded

Most Understand: Cooking and Baking: I could spend the entire day and night in the kitchen and sometimes I have

Least understand: People need to hate and be negative. It gets nobody anywhere in life so why do it

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