If you misunderstand something...whose fault is that?

There are lots of reasons for a misunderstanding... Selective hearing, for one. Whose problem is it? Yours? For not actually reading and comprehending? Or mine...for maybe not explaining the issue to the nth detail. Well?

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Sometimes I don't examine a topic closely enough. But sometimes things are presented in a confusing manner. Either way, it's just unfortunate! It can usually be sorted out if people are willing. think smilie

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Its' not easy. Some might say it's even dicey...for a better way of explaining it.

In some posts I've tried to cover every way of explaining something. I've even asked strangers to Amirite: Now what would you think if you were presented with this question...etc...

You do ALL you can...but it still sometimes fails to cover all the bases...:)

I believe it can go both ways.
If you don't explain something clearly enough it can be easy to be misunderstood.
On the other hand if you're not paying close enough attention that could also put you at fault

Well here is how I look at it...

If the misunderstanding is caused by my selective hearing than it is my fault

If the misunderstanding is caused by me failing to actually read again my fault

If the misunderstanding is caused by not comprehending and failing to ask for clarification then it is again my fault

If the misunderstanding is caused by it was explained right then again my fault because I should have said could ya have explained this better I just ain't getting

Long story short always ask if ya just ain't getting it...something I need to do more of myself sometimes.

I know I personally don't explain things the greatest therefore doesn't bother me if someone needs a better explanation

Communication requires at least two people. In a general sense, it's both people's responsibility to make sure it is successful. If it fails, it could be either party's fault.

It really depends on a case by case basis. For example, I had a math professor in college who was absolutely awful at explaining certain things to the point like 90% of the class didn't get it. Other times, yes I'm at fault.

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@Sukiesnow So what happened in that Math class?

Well, the professor and we students finally figured out how to comprehend those tricky lessons. It was a bit frustrating for us all, but to be fair to him he was patient and did take it seriously and not just instantly blame us.

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Effective communication requires both a sender and a receiver---either can be non-functional at a given time and that one is the reason for the failure of the communication.

Actually, I did learn that in a communications course at a local junior college about 15 years ago.

It has turned out to be pretty useful as a model.

Like in baseball, the error can be on the throw or on the catch, depending on which was done badly.