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I am not sure if my parents choose me or I choose my parents but I am grateful for the set that I had. They did their best to try to raise me right even in the times I sure didn't wanna listen. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about them or miss them like crazy.

My friends miss them too. Summers were always filled with pretty much every kid in town. This wasn't always to hang out with me but to hang out with my parents in the backyard. Same with my siblings friends.

Sometimes I think about the interactions they would have with y'all if they were still hear today. I could see a lot funny conversations going on.

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I wish someone would say they wished different parents... Just for a more interesting answer to this post...:)

i do wish my parents could have been more physically fit and would have encouraged me to do sports.. this one family that lives across form me, big sports fanatics, physically fit, i envy those kid's lives. i wish i could have done baseball as a kid..

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Sure, head right over to the parent store, I chose the "we will raise you and will pay for every expense in your education" great perks.