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Not always particularly thoughtful, but never off the floor.
I have an aversion to wrinkles

Well I try to dress thoughtfully sometimes it doesn't work that way. Last summer Bridge bought me an outfit to cheer me up and didn't realize the shirt she bought was completely open in the back. Well she came over and we went on a walk. About 10 minutes in to the walk she screamed "Young lady what do you think you are doing?". I was a little confused because I wasn't sure what she meant. She was yelling over the shirt.

She grabbed me by the arm and said "Oh heck no you ain't wearing that outside." She marched me back to the house and made me change. I informed her she is the one that bought it. She said well if I realized it looked like that I wouldn't have lol.

Only time I have picked something off the floor is when I threw it all out of the closest trying to find something for a family reunion.

My clothes are never on the floor. My clothes are in my closets or in drawers. I'm a neat freak when it comes to clothes.

@Sukiesnow And your partner?

The same as me. He never puts his clothes on the floor. If they are dirty clothes, they go into the hamper, never on the floor.

Mostly thoughtful...some days the

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Who wants to try to decide what to wear at 5am.

Pick stuff up from the floor. Also Since I'm a tomboy I sometimes coordinate purposefully looking unladylike.

I try to dress comfortably but classy and being large breasted I try not to dress in a revealing manner that would cause any man to stumble on his journey. I look at mankind in general as my brothers and they struggle enough with lust as it is in our culture. Besides, my self-worth does not come from the validation of men staring at me lustfully. Id rather be thought of as having a little class and consideration. :) So yes, I dress thoughtfully.

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