A back-and-forth conversation means just that...and not bailing the minute someone really pisses you off.

And remember ALL the good things YOU think you are...kind... generous... You have the ability to see both sides of an agrument...you are enlightened... patient... a lover of humanity...calm... thoughtful... judicious...etc... Let's see them put into action.

Image for post **A back-and-forth conversation means just that...and //not// bailing the minute someone really pisses you off.**
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I'll leave the conversation if the attacks or name calling begins. I won't put up with that from anyone. I think name calling is so immature. If we can't agree to disagree, then the conversation ends.

I try not to jump. But if they same arguement goes round and round , i generally bow out

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You do...sometimes fading into the background is another alternative...:)

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I've got him blocked. He's a bully.

Yes...fighting and politics...lol... No one ever fights about underwear. Just sayin.

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I'd just vote down for someone's underwear hehe smilie

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biggrin smilie I've just been hanging out with my teenage nephews, it's funny how I go down to their level rather than they come up to mine hehe smilie

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Exactly! Actually I've noticed that politicians adopt the same principle hehe smilie

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Yes exactly! They don't produce anything or make any money. They basically just deal in other people's money while making a lot of their own money and getting a retirement fund that the rest of us could only dream about. I'd better bail now haha before one of us mentions the T word hehe smilie


I love that word: underwear. Everyone has it.

Bud is an ass. Not as much my opinion, but his own opinion about himself.

If I feel that I lack the ability to keep calm and keep my big mouth shut I will walk away if someone pisses me off. It is more for my benefit than it is theirs.

I agree although on rare occasions someone will get a basic comment, often something I've said in humour and turn it into a long back and forth conversation so they can use it to reiterate their position on something controversial, have the last comment and use me as the vehicle for all that. When I sense those, I bail immediately.

I don't call it bailing..

I call it knowing when to quit (sometimes not to even bother starting) because the other person keeps going on and on, like a rabid chihuahua barking at his shadow..

@Sukiesnow Lol...chihuahua...cute but not my fave dog.

Not mine either but that's exactly the picture some people give me, with their gnarling..

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Calling names like "racist" "Hitler" "NAZI" and "anti-semite" and so forth lose the conversation.

thats not the internet debate way

@Sukiesnow What is?

to be rude and attack the other person directly instead of retort. Worst tactics include: namecalling (LIBTARD!!) Deathwishing, Threatening with bull, Making horrible jokes, mocking upbringing, forcing untrue stereotypes (feminists get this ALLLL the time!) "Feminazi, You want men to die!" I just spent two years morning my father thank you

@TomboyJanet to be rude and attack the other person directly instead of retort. Worst tactics include: namecalling (LIBTARD!!)...

Retorting can be good for the person retorting... After that...hopefully they can come to a calm place...and either take a moment to say something nice about the other persons POV...yes, there IS that...and if that fails...agree to disagree...

Janet...some people come with so much of a different background than you do...but if they live in this world it's difficult not empathize with yours.

If this fails... All I can say is that some people are SO BITTER and SO ANGRY for some reason, there really is nothing one can do... It's too bad they take their opinions online instead of a Therapy Group...where they should be.

What do you think?

I agree, but also sometimes when you're upset, it's better to walk away instead of saying something your might regret later.

But I always like to try to end all negative convos on positive notes or attempting to find some common ground of some sort.

I don't mind opposing views of how I might've been with a situation but, if my conversation partner chooses to read me the riot act in a blistering way, I sure as hell won't stand by while they scream and drool and flail their arms - screw that infantile bs.