California's golden law, one that most of us grew up being taught, Treat each others that way you want to be treated, what happened to that? What happened to respecting each others? What happened to the UNITED States? What happened to America?

Are we still united? When there are people dissing upon each other, for being labelled gay, lesbian, black, hispanic, muslim, and more. Respect? We are tearing each other apart and traumatizing each other, causing us to turn against each other. The president shouldn't build a wall or ban travel, he needs to use his power and change the media, so we, the Americans, can improve upon ourselves and change ourselves and each other to fight for what is right, no one is perfect, but the best we can do is improve ourselves, so we could be the best we can be. So, our children and their children don't have to suffer what we suffered and every effort our ancestors made doesn't have to be in vain. I don't deny that I have disrespected others, I apologize and I am willing to change myself, but will you?