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I think it's time we did move past coal. Yes workers will have to be retrained in some other field but come on, using a dirty old fuel for the sake of jobs is not good enough. Think about it this way. Does anyone care that handsome cab drivers can't find work anymore?

Does anyone lament for the loss of locomotive fireman jobs? Do we mourn for the death of the type writer manufacturing industry? Regressionists irrationally hold onto the past at the expense of moving forward. It damages progress and hinders our ability for innovation. We need to develope better cleaner fuels and the coal miners could be retrained to work in that field as well. People aren't so shit all stupid that they can only perform one arduous dangerous task their entire life. It's completely idiot to say "well that's all they can do". That is a huge insult to their intelligence and work ethic.

Coal is not only dirty it's dangerous. Just look at what happened in Centralia with the Anthracite. That fire wont go out until all the linking Anthracite veins in eastern PA are burnt out