Do you understand the opposite sex? Please state something you //do know about them...//

Image for post **Do you understand the opposite sex?** //Please state something you //do// know about them...//
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They are pretty basic. And can be dull.

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Give a guy sex every night with the occasional bj...and some good food...he's yours forever.

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I'm' a little more complex than that... I like attention...

What about you? What does it pour vous?

I thought I did, but now I'm not so sure.

When you give a man a bj, he's happy for the whole day.

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That depends on how much I aim to please... biggrin smilie

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That sez a lot about you... Is your nature so emotional you can't cope with someone else's?

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hehe smilie Guess you got caught, huh?

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You are brilliant.

they can irrationally always want sex even at horrible times

Nope and I will never claim to understand them either hehe smilie

@Sukiesnow You must know something about them....?

I know they think they are good at bullshitting

I have been dealing with scammers on Facebook Messenger. Sadly I am having way to much fun with it atm. hehe smilie

@Sukiesnow The BS comment just about sums it up, LP.

Indeed. I am just dying to see what tomorrow's new scammer tries.

It really is getting old. Ya think by now they would have a new script.

They all start out with "Hi, how are ya", "Do you drive"," Do you have kids" "Are you single or married", "What do you do for a living", "what do you like to do for fun"

So the first time I am just blabbing away not connecting the dots until...four days later when it was "You are so charming"...Dude get real I pick ice cubes out the tray & don't fill it back up & I drink from the milk carton...there ain't nothing charming about that hehe smilie

Then 3 days later..."You are so beautiful"....I standing there looking at my phone thinking...Have you seen my hair there ain't nothing pretty about this mess.

Then 4 days later "I love you, will you marry me"...now I know you are bullshitting me because I know I ain't that impressive.

This has been going on since January. Every day sometimes every other. So yes men are perfect at bullshitting. biggrin smilie

@Sukiesnow Tee hee...and to think there are ppl out there falling for this sort of crap.....

I know...it made me see I wasn't so gullible and naive as I thought. I let one go for a minute just to see if their MO was really money and ya it is.

I guess it even happens to men too with women trying this stuff but sadly it is probably some guy living in the basement of his moms house out for a quick buck.

I messaged a friend last night going "Hey baby, do you drive and can you send me a picture of your cat" hehe smilie

He said he didn't get that stuff so I didn't want him to feel left out.

Not always but I often cant understand the same sex

To a T...get it?

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