The New "Minister of Truth" Welcomes You to The Price is Reich?

Straight out of 1984. In light of Stephen Miller's rant, and subsequent kudos from the president, can anyone not think something is very wrong with this admin? From statements like "You WILL NOT deny . . ." and "The powers of the president . . . are very substantial and WILL NOT be questioned" it's abundantly clear that this admin has, at the very least, Nazi overtones. I generally avoid the use of the word Nazi because, in most cases, it's way over the top but this is so insane I have no other words to describe it. Is there anyone whose jaw didn't drop while listening to Miller speak? After flat out lies on top of lies with no supporting evidence but with an overdose of autocratic confidence even Joseph Goebbels would have said "Dude, take it down a notch" How much more will Trump supporters tolerate? They'll back Trump all the way to dictatorship swearing the whole time that it's good for America.

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