"Pension Means Test" What about the filthy game the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is playing at the moment and its typical of what these organisations are doing with their tax deductable lobbying programs aimed at taking the heat off themselves and directing it at, "as usual" us the genuine tax payers. Quote. ‘Make family home part of aged pension means test, says ACCI (Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)’ — The Australian, 3 February 2017: Nice one . That will help insure they get the unfair tax cuts that their also lobbying for also tax deductable. Where is the justice in this bucked up system. What about a mining tax or super profits tax on a sliding scale attached to inflation. The higher the inflation the higher the tax. The lower the inflation the lower the tax. Would be a fair and effective control measure and no, inflation is not a problem at the "moment" Good time to implement it.