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Is he? I haven't a clue. I won't lie, sometimes I find myself questioning that when times get rough and I feel lost.

I am still waiting for someone provide any sound argument that their god is real while all other gods are fake. No fair using the bible or any holy text as evidence.

I will, for the sake of argument, concede that god(s) created the universe, now please show some evidence that it was your god and not Zeus, or Odin, or Spaghetti Monster that was the creator (again, no fair saying 'because it is in the book').

@VicZinc I am still waiting for someone provide any sound argument that their god is real while all other gods are...

I know what I was taught by the Lutheran Church and how I was raised but after taking a class in college I even found myself questioning things I knew like "how do we know that Zeus or Odin was not the creator".

If there is a God and he made you a hymen and get periods every month it's definitely not a female god. biggrin smiliebiggrin smiliebiggrin smiliebiggrin smilie

Personally I do not believe in God. However let's assume he/she exists.

That means He/She created the Universe which also means that he/she exists "outside" the Universe. In other words He/She exists on a plane we can not possibly understand.

He/she created everything in the Universe from the smallest atom to the largest star. Countless galaxies, stars, planets, etc... All the elements that allow matter to exist and how they work. He/She also created life in all it's various forms. Think about the human brain and what it is capable of. That alone is amazing. On and on it goes...93 billion light years of space and it's full of stuff all made by one being.

Now,I find it hard to believe a being capable of the Creation would concern itself with the thoughts and deeds, good or bad, of one tiny human. Do you get mad at ants? Microbes? Specks of dust?

And besides, God is all seeing and all knowing. That means He/She already knew what I was going to do wrong before I did it. In fact He/She knows everything I will ever do wrong until the day I die and has already judged me for my sins. So even if He/She is mad at me there's nothing I can do about it because it's pre-determined.

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Yes. i'm still living.