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Not every day but often

My mama did on the weekends but during the week my grandma did sometimes unless I wanted cold cereal or ice cream with chocolate magic shell topping.

Breakfast was always pancakes, eggs, hash browns or fried taters, bacon, sausage sometimes french toast. There was something for everyone from both of them.

My mother aleays stayed up late.
As far as i remember, my sister got me up for school during the week and we ate cereal or a pbj.

When my father was alive she would do bacon and eggs on saturday and sunday.

I cant remember what dad did during the week

My mom usually served some scrambled or fried eggs as well. She made sure we weren't hungry when we went out the door on our way to school.

No. Mostly toast. Although sometimes in the dead of winter...she might surprise us by making oatmeal.

Not at all odd that it's assumed the mother automatically serves breaky. Amirite?

Mom? Serve? Watchoo talkin' bout??

No, because I hated it.