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Simply not true

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What is the single event Trump was SPECIFICALLY referring to to scare sheep like you?

Can't point out that event?

Well then, thanks for proving my point! hehe smilie

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But what happened in Sweden? What incident took place the night before Mr Trump held his speach? What was he referring to?

I am aware of some of the problems Sweden has faced because of the poor way they have handled immigration over time..

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I listened to what he said. This is an exact quote:
"You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden."

That is not a warning, that is a reference to something that is supposed to have taken place in Sweden the day before, not necessarily a terrorist attack, but definitely a specific event.

Where most people would take a breath to find the right words Trump simply switch to auto gibberish.

Considering that Sweden wants to be known as the "humanitarian" country, they don't want what is really going on to be known. You have to dig for information and then half of the Swedes will cover for the government and the other half are afraid to say anything because they will be labeled racist.

Lol, can you imagine the reaction of the Sweden government listening to this? xD

Now, seriously, I will always find interesting how every time Trump gets caught in a lie that he can't walk around, he says "I saw on TV", "I saw it in this article", "Someone told me".... because you have access to twitter but not to google to make a simple fact check? Even the O'Reilly reporter dude already told him that from the position he is, he has to fact check the stuff he talks about. It's baffling that he still doesn't, no doubt.

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