You can make anything political...:) Previous Commentor will give you a word...please make it into a political sentence...lol....

Image for post **You can make //anything// political...:)** //Previous Commentor will give you a word...please make it into a political sentence...lol....//
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While the democrats see the impending danger, the republicans are taking a business as usual approach.


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Our country is weaker, not stronger in these times.


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The defeated party behaved with sang-froid...even after they lost.

New word: business

The Free Trade agreement did more for business than it ever did for we-the-people.

New Word: views

One could say that a certain party is not particular....

New word: stronger

Liberals do not care enough about women in Islamic countries; they only care about the one on the other side of the mirror.


How awkward was it in the Clinton camp when they had to cancel all those fireworks after she lost in the election?

New word (s) politically correct

@Sukiesnow Tee hee... Really?

Yep. They were so sure she would be anointed. There are all kinds of stories floating around about how she took the loss.
angry smiliehehe smilie

Politically correct behavior would be a comedy if the results weren't so tragic.

New word: agression

Since the days of the Founding Fathers...has established a new world order...

New word to incorporate into your sentence: Mirror

If Freedom means nothing left to lose...politically, that means nothing...

New word to incorporate into your political sentence: awkward

One day the words "politically correct" will not just be words...but a recognized empathetic way of lifestyle.

New word: comedy

If political manoeuvres weren't subject to aggression and hostility...they would be a lot more palatable...

Next word: dream

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