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Getting my children to safety. I have actually been in this situation one year when my are flooded really bad. I got my kids somewhere safe and I went back to important documents.

My sister kept waiting to see me on the 6 O'clock news sitting on my roof.

The family, important documents, clothes, meds, some food.

I could take almost everything in 30 minutes, so my Laptop, phone, TV, PS3, vegetable juicer, spare USB hard drive, internet router and my car, My surf boards are stored elsewhere.

If we are moving because of a fire, then the cats, our photographs and videos, a few laptops, and maybe a few paintings.

If we are moving because of an oncoming army, then clothes, my shotgun, and then as much food as we could manage.

Mother, dogs, cats, cash, clothes and guns.

What did I do to be so mistreated :?) I take my safe and my puppy. Then go back and get makeup clothing and whatever else in that short time. Yahoo now I can go live in a tiny house and have no junk to deal with..

At where I'm living right now? Laptop, phone, money and clothes. If I had time, my books.

You would believe the government? smirk smilie

My dogs, my papers, my clothes, my glasses and my gun. (Not in that order)

In order, my dogs, my gun, my glasses, my papers and my clothes. I wouldnt mind being naked, as long as I could see ...LOL)