Milo has the hots for Trump

Now hear me out:

I've come to the conclusion that he's acting like a mentally deficient version of our president because he wants to get inside his pants.

First off his hair is now dyed the same color as Trumps

It is also sorta shaping up to look like his

Whenever someone Mentions Trump he giggles like a schoolgirl

They're both spoiled brats with too much time on their hands

Anything Trump says is automatically correct in his mind

He really doesn't understand politics that well. When participating in political discussions he's blabbity about SJW type of things but when like the real heavy politics come in he shuts up. Yet he still wants to be a strong Trump supporter.

He is gay

They both offend tons of people but can't really take criticism or ever admit they were wrong about anything.

They are perfect for eachother