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no she saw those dollars very well

His ugliness comes from the inside.

And....he has charisma like a certain german did

Saying all the right things at just the right time

He is the least "attractive" president to me in my adult lifetime, for sure. Not because of how he looks, but because of what he says and how he behaves.

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His voice is really abrasive to listen to...can you imagine every day...?


that much is obvious. He did do pretty well to beat out Taft and Lincoln (who people say is famously ugly). I think it's the combination of the hair, the fake coloring, the out of shape body, the melting face, the bouncing cheeks, and the confused look in his eyes

You're right! This is irrelevant.

@TomboyJanet but it's my right to say it

That's true! Attractive people have been engaged in body shaming for a long time. I don't find the practice endearing myself, and I guess I feel disappointed when people I otherwise respect, do it.

He wouldn't be bad looking if he didn't frown all the time. Plus, he needs to do something about that hair. With all that money, can't he find a decent barber? He has a beautiful wife, Melania, I guess some would call her a trophy wife. I'm sure she didn't marry him for his personality. More like $$$$$.

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So wrong. nme smilie

tongue smilie

@Cezar So wrong.

so you think hes.......attractive.......EWWWW

@TomboyJanet so you think hes.......attractive.......EWWWW

Just not as ugly as you think. Even though you really like him. wink smilie

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nahh he has at least an old timey look to him. Not sexy but like a ship captain type look

I guess it's a good thing Hillary didn't get elected then. She wouldn't even take top prize at a dog contest.

There were a lot uglier presidents than Trump. Adams, Coolidge, Tyler, or even Lincoln, take your pick.

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better hair than Trump

I'm not into those puffy cheeks either he always looks like hes constipated

After reading all the comments on Trumps looks, does anyone really care what a President "looks" like? Does it matter at all? Have people become that shallow? Or has it gotten to the point where some people are just desperate for something to bitch about when it comes to Trump?

I doubt if there are many people on here who would measure up to their own "standards for attractiveness", that they criticize the Trump family by.