Calling for presidential assassination is treasonous even if you don't agree with them because it goes against the American system and is just plain barbaric.

I said it when Obama was president to the people who were talking about it, and now I'm saying it again for Trump because It's only fair. I don't flip flop my views like Trump did on the electoral college when it helped him.

You don't get to say it for one president and not for another. So I call on fellow Trump haters, to stop posting things like that girl did or whatever it was. This doesn't help us. We know you're mad. I know you're mad to the most possible level mad can be at a president. But we can't fight injustice by destroying democracy. We have to change the system instead. WE have to fight with policy, and legality. We're not the gun nuts! We're not the civilian militias that want to overthrow the government through force and violence. Remember? that was the other party. That was Clive Butthead and his barnyard pals. We are not Bundy, we are not Zimmerman. Don't stoop to that level! I know it's hard and no matter what you say they just don't seem to get how bad this presidential choice was, and it's really frustrating when people call all news that disagrees with them fake so they can cop out of accountability. But don't give them more of a ledge to stand on. They wont listen to us if we talk like that. Keep a level head. Win this war with logic not violence. Like Honest Abe said, "Right Makes Might". You got the truth in your corner. Don't blow this one!