We need a left wing Milo.

someone who really griiiinds the gears of the conservatives....someone who takes a dump on PCs rules about religion and white people. Someone who treats MRAs like human scum and trashes people who trash trans rights. Someone who can just really get under people's skin by their mere presence and have throngs of people come to them to express their distaste for their views. Someone like.....I dunno..........

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You know I get under their skin

You just described about half the people on the left.

@Maze You just described about half the people on the left.

That's a good step forward. But what my people lack is the ability to never stop making snarky faces and talking down when being criticized. Well Except Hillary but I dunno if that counts.

This is something I discovered just recently that it's not so much the things he says that are annoying me it's the way he acts all snobby and stuck up like he's better than everyone. Kinda like Regina George from Mean Girls, or any given preppy popular girl in high school who treats people she arbitrarily dislikes like human refuse.

If he just said all that crap and acted normal, He'd just be like Pat Robertson just some jerk who says shit but it's like the same tactic everyone uses "this is an outrage blah blah blah morality blah blah blah" It's easy to target him because he's so grumpy. Milo makes people wanna just knock his teeth out.

I think I can sample some of that, I've been trying it out lately and it works like fire. Look at all the anon disagrees the 24-29 Weak as I call them. And then there was my rather interesting convo with a certain user last night. And now I successfully reverse trolled a troll. Not once but THREE TIMES. Four if they attack this post, without even breaking the TOS. I tihnk I can do it if I cut down on drunk posting (I'm cutting down on drinking Irl, like HEAVILY cutting down) And get good nights sleeps, and don't come here all mad. Maybe I could get some of that sweet pie ah?

And no one can knock my teeth out on here either!

No thanks, we got John Oliver.

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The MSM, Hollywood, pro athletes, Hillary and Obama aren't enough?

you know since he's gone and all someones gonna fill in the gap!

Lets not lower ourselves to that level.

Hey Anon Disagreers (24 weak) thanks for making my week HILARIOUS! Oh and btw https://piv.pivpiv.dk/