Do you have remorse for what happened?... Please, what //does that mean...as long as you have remorse....// How far does remorse go?...

And it could be anything...the word...remorse...how LONG does that extend? Whether it's stealing something or for an attempted murder....

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So what happens if you fix the wrong?

Simple question and not targeting you above ALL people...kill me now.

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Isn't "fixing" remorse usually a two-way street? With acknowledgement....bit ALSO with:

I agree that it eases with time... And it ALSO eases with the recognition or the ATTEMPT of keeping an eye on it...with time...that is also a big deal.

You think I'm making a BIG DEAL about it? I think NOT.

Remorse and Keeping track of it is good: it's good, like needing a follow-up file in your cabinet... I would be honoured if someone said or asked me: so, Kasara, girl, how is it going with that issue you had on REMORSE last week.... HOW is it going...? I'm really interested......and/or "Did things work out as you thought they might?''...

EEEEKKKK...this is not the ideal martini convo of most guys...let me tell you....but it is far more interesting than getting an update about cleaning your car....

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I was sure...now that you added that I'm' not sure anymore at all...:)

I wish we could all get to where we are going so the self-fulfilling professes are where we are ALL we should be at.

Get it?

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That gd self-correcting spell check does get it right...sometimes.

Yeah sometimes but I can't really help it now. it's not going to stop the stupid choices i made

Yes I do for the things I personally done wrong.

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In my book your wrongness is if at all...very slim....

@Sukiesnow In my book your wrongness is if at all...very slim....

You don't want to know? Obviously...smart choice...it would require PM...

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You didn't fail constantly but you have failed.... It's nice that you recognize it...and I will correspondingly be more authentic.....which was one of my failings. Just between you and moi.