Hypocrisy at it's Finest

Remember when conservatives were complaining about how much Obama's vacations were costing and how much of his time was spent playing golf?
Trump has spent almost as much on vacation in a month as Obama spent in a year. Obama spent about 12.3 million on vacations per year Trump has spent 11.2 million in his first month. Add to that the millions he's making from the hotel and with the first lady staying in NY it adds millions more to the taxpayer's burden with doubled security and adds millions to Trump's income with Trump tower being rented by the secret service. But he has been working very hard . . . . on his golf game. 6 rounds in 4 weeks All without a sound from conservatives. The world is laughing at the US while the Trump hits just keep on coming.

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This admin is without doubt the worst in history. The scary part is people actually buy his bullshit

Oh right I forgot his 200 million dollar a day trip to India. You might want to verify that source. 1.4 B is 14.5 million a month. Absolutely absurd.

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Maybe WE should do what he did and dodge taxes so we don't have to pay for his cheesey getaways

Isn't it comical that the same people who were silent when Obama played golf, are now all over Trump playing golf. One thing about Trump, is he is playing on his own courses.

@JustJimColo Isn't it comical that the same people who were silent when Obama played golf, are now all over Trump playing golf...

Oh he's playing his own course. How commendable. I bet he makes everybody else pay their own green fees.

I guess the silence about Trump's golf after the stink over Obama's isn't comical at all. If cons hadn't harped on it so much it wouldn't even come up.

That says it all. HYPROCRITE TRUMP.

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Yes, I remember.

After he became elected he doubled the initiation fee to be a member of his resort from 100 gs to 200 gs.

6 rounds of golf in 4 weeks? That doesn't seem excessive for a golfer, especially considering that most of the time when someone like Trump plays golf, he's also talking business with people, in this case the business of government.
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Here’s a personal confession. I don’t golf. However, many of the best entrepreneurs I know are not only great golfers, they are avidly skilled at the art of advancing a business relationship or even closing a deal during golf.

Some executives consider the role of golf so important that my first agency business partner actually declared that without golf, I had no future in business development. Thankfully, I’ve survived.

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The Obamas spent 85 million dollars in family vacations. This site show themselves quite displeased with the amount of money they spent during 8 years, like many others sites around.

But forgetting the money, I have something better for you to pay attention. The date of the link that you provided. Tell me, how exactly does that link proves this "Obama actually spent 1.4 billion dollars and that was just last year!", when that link is from 2012? In case you haven't noticed, you're in 2017. Last year was 2016.

Next time put in some research you will look less like an idiot which of course isn't saying much.
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Pointing the irony in your insult is not me using your insult - is me pointing out the irony at the situation of you trying to insult someone else with something that you do. It's ironic, and I said so.

You're saying the Judicial Watch, the ones who made the math for 85 million dollars, is on the Clinton's payroll?......
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You have provided no facts. You provided a link to a blog from 2012, while you're speaking of 2016. I pointed out your inaccuracy. I also have provided the information refuting your link, and you called the source "Clinton's payroll". Again, the irony of your words comes back - "Next time put in some research you will look less like an idiot which of course isn't saying much." - because a simple Google research on the source, the Judicial Watch, would tell anyone how ridiculous such claim is. And yes, I posted a laughing gif, because the hypocrisy and irony you are showing while still trying to accuse others of what you are doing is, indeed, hilarious. I will keep on posting gifs when I see fit, and I will keep on saying my point and views as I have always done.
If that bothers you...
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You know, just because you have selective blindness and keep ignoring my arguments, it doesn't mean they will simply disappear and stop being there. That's not how reality works. Btw, it's not "memes", it's just gifs. If you want to try insult me, you should at least try to be accurate while doing it. It's your choice, though.

Also, are you aware that if anyone wants to see my sources, they simply have to click on the link I provided, and it will show it's not CNN, even if you claim it is?

Many people will only speak against something when it's the opposition doing it. If it's their side, they'll turn a blind eye and still act as if the opposition is evil and their side is all righteous. Hypocrisy and politics are rarely away from each other for too long.

Remember how you didn't care?....I don't care..

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