Does your pet like being talked to...? Especially some cats love it when you chit chat with them...:)

Image for post **Does your pet like being talked to...?** //Especially some cats __love__ it when you chit chat with them...:)//
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I read that when cats are together with cats, the do not meow at each other.

They make other noises, but an actual meow is aimed at humans.

All of my critters enjoy conversation, even if it is one-sided.....

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yeah she does!

Animals like attention.

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Pets do like it when you talk to them. It completely normal. You do not need to see a doctor. You not crazy.

My cats are like "Yeah, look, just set the food down and get lost, ok?"

Except Mama. Mama hangs out on the roof, so if I am in the kitchen near the stove, I might hear "MEOW" down the vent pipe and right into my ear.

Both of my cats love being talked to.

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This is the first. I hope you didn't forget, that I proposed to you...

When pets and wild animals see you are real, loving and they feel totally safe with you. They responded to you when you speak. I remember many years ago that I was walking in the woods. A came across two adults rabbits and their children. They were a little scared but I spoke to them in letting them know you are safe and I just walk by. I wave at them and smile at them. They were watching me closely. I just kept on walking and I look back. They were very relaxed. When animals of pets or wildlife see you are not a treated they do not worry about you. I had birds be within 1 foot of me at a table or a picnic table. One day, I notice they were trying to drink the water on the side of the road. I got a pie pan and fill it with water and set it near them. Birds are smart. They can read humans. After they know they are safe with you that they really do not pay any mind to you when you are near them. It very important that pets and wildlife can read you as an OK person.

Hey, I pet told me to tell you hi.