Do you agree that LEGAL immigrants are undermining the system of US and the entire Western civilization? Again, I mean those who are legal to be in the US, not those who can be deported by Trump. Here is some background and feel free to read or skip it. ------ I am a Chinese immigrant, and I am grateful that the Western society can accept me and let me in. However, after I listened to many "Alt right" speeches given by Richard Spencer, Milo and else, I just generated a thought that their arguments on this topic may be valid. ### Of course, Spencer's arguments are obviously flawed in that white people's glorious history does not guarantee a privileged present. Millionaires do not always give birth to millionaires. But I understand whites' feelings. In China there are such problems too and people are more conservative towards immigrants. ### US is different than China and than Europe because whites and blacks are all immigrants at first. I just happened to be an Asian in America, and I am not leaving the "white" country nor going back to China. But here I just want to discuss this topic and discover what really in your minds