The Oscars are ON this Sunday...the 26th... Please tune in and enjoy...and, since there is a new POTUS...there might be some comedy... Don't be one of those NEVER-WATCH-IT TYPES - not this year...:)

If clothes and all sorts of PRETTY stuff are a TURN-OFF for least tune in at about 8...when the ceremony begins... This is a good time to make good on saying during the year: Who is that... NEVER heard of them...that's since you really don't make an EFFORT, do you? And the memorial list, long especially this always a noteworthy tear jerker.... PARTY at my place, starting at 8:00. Adult beverages and hors d'oeuvres.

Image for post **The //Oscars// are ON this Sunday...the 26th... Please tune in and enjoy...and, since there is a new POTUS...there might be some comedy...** //Don't be one of those NEVER-WATCH-IT TYPES - not this year...:)//
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Never been into award shows. After last years propaganda I would have stopped if I ever had watched.

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I've never watched that and i'm not going to start now..

Bunch of snobs, sitting around giving each other awards..

I couldn't name 98% of them....I'd rather watch a coat of paint dry, if that was the only thing to watch..

Nope - never watch those self-righteous, self-centered myopic mental midgets who don't understand that their opinions mean nothing more than mine. These 'award' shows are only for themselves.

@Sukiesnow So...everything you've said can apply to the political forum as well....

True, but at least they don't have awards shows every other week patting themselves on the back messing up my tv viewing. I don't watch presidential press conferences, state of the union addresses, etc. either. Won't waste my time with all the lying done by all of them.

These arrogant F's seem to have an awards show with which to pat themselves on the back 24/7. Nauseating.

I won't watch it, and haven't watched it for decades. It's just a show where multimillionaires suck up to each other and pat themselves on the back telling each other how wonderful they are.

So why should you? Why not. If I have to learn about names in the political forum...surely you can extend yourself to learn some names in the Entertainment Forum...which, BTW, is a lot less dreary....:)

We ALL live in this, we might as well learn a bit about all walks of life on this planet.

I don't watch them to be honest. Plus I have plans later. Sadly procrastination is my best friend right now and I don't seem to be getting anywhere today.


Just a bunch of overpaid mediocre actors showcasing their glamour.

I gotta wash my sox.

I would watch it, if a new episode of The Walking Dead wasn't a conflict. I like movies, and I enjoy seeing actors I like at the awards.

Actors are just individuals who have gained celebrity status because they're good at a profession they chose or or got chosen for somehow. I seriously doubt, that ALL of them are self-righteous snobs. I find their opinions no less important than anyone else's.

the cons will whine about people daring to oppose their president again

Didn't watch and haven't for decades.

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I have never had any interest in that pageant of self congratulation.