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Many taxes are unconstitutional and need to go.

One is a legal way where ya work the system in your favor and the other gets you in a whole lotta trouble


One is legal strategy .... the other is a crime.

Tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is illegal. Tax avoidance is finding legal ways to pay the minimum amount of tax required, tax evasion is finding ways to avoid paying the taxes you are legally required to pay.

I use tax deferment. I have a crop on my little farm every two years. It is just enough in addition to my regular income that it pops me into a higher tax bracket when I sell it. By splitting it in two, and selling half one year and the other half in the year I don't have a crop, it evens out my income. If I didn't do this, the higher taxes would eat up almost all my profits.

According to someone wealthy....there is no difference....since nothing touches the extremely wealthy....