Those who live in houses of gold are poor allies to the common folk...

Image for post Those who live in houses of gold are poor allies to the common folk...
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Yeah his living room was like as high ceilinged as some malls and full of chapel paintings on the it. He had two pools and a full library. and I said whoa this is a big house and he went meh.

They breathe different air. When they have to come down to earth...it must be an annoying experiment...

Did you know Mar-A-Lago was originally made to be a president's retreat and no president would stay there?

George Washington was offered a crown and he turned it down. What are the odds that Trump would do the same? I wouldn't wager that at the Taj!

the enemy of the common folk are those who blame the 1%, aka socialist aka communists

Some rich people are nice, some are not.
Some average income people are nice, some are not.

Probably not a good idea to generalize about such things.

Eh, not really. :P

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who would possibly disagree with this? LOL

While I see your point not all are like that. I know two that are extremely rich and have more in their bank accounts than I will see in a lifetime. However when push comes to shove these boys have my back 100 percent of the time and go out of their way to protect me and my children.