I think this is called "fascism".

The function of a government is to prevent any other group from taking control. The duty of a citizen is to control his government. That is why governments always eventually treat citizens as enemies of the state.

This State Wants Protestors Prosecuted as Organized Criminals | Brittany HunterAccording to the state, protestors are just as dangerous and the mafia. https://fee.org/articles/this-state-wants-protestors-prosecuted-as-organized-criminals/
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Is it fascism to want to prosecute those who do damage to others property while they are excersing their right to protest? I don't think so. One has the right to protest, but one does NOT have the right to harm others or damage property while doing so.

@Seonag Is it fascism to want to prosecute those who do damage to others property while they are excersing their right to...

Right, but it is already illegal to riot and cause property damage in Arizona. What this bill will do is make protest organizers accountable for any riot that takes place, even if the rioting is done by people not affiliated with those protest organizers.

Furthermore, it allows the government to stop a protest before it even gets started!! The bill in Senator John Kavanaugh's own words:
"We can now go after organizing groups that are preparing and planning and nip it in the bud before they destroy our community, before they injure our citizens, before they destroy our reputation."

So the Arizona government wants to be able to prevent assemblies before they happen. Sounds like something that will be decided in the Supreme Court.

The issue isn't the protest - it's the protesters rioting, destroying property, etc. They are no longer protesters at that point, but thugs who need to be jailed and damages they caused paid for by them.

I believe you have been suckered by leftist propaganda. When protesting gets to the level of property damage, breaking windows, starting fires, etc - they've gone beyond first amendment rights. The bill seeks to address protests found to be disruptive. The article (and the OP) seems to assume that if we whisper the word protest that Big Bother will stomp his big black boot on us.

Settle Down Dude!

The way they were destroying property, setting fires, harassing people and so forth that is terrorism. They need to be prosecuted.

They shouldn't be acting like Troglodytes, screwing everything up for everyone..

That's what people being stupid cause,.
Causing people to want to make more laws..

How about just protest without destroying things..

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes..

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