German council wants sausages served at vegetarian Earth Day event. Can anyone tell me how you argue this one? Ha!

A city council in the German town of Kassel is demanding that their popular regional sausages be included at an upcoming vegetarian food festival.

Environmental group UmweltHaus, the organizers of event, are reportedly being pressured to serve a locally-made pork sausage called ahle wurst at the fest, which is being held on April 23-- Earth Day in Germany, reports BBC.

The councillors in Kassel, which is located in the central Hesse state, are arguing that the sausages are a source of regional pride-- and not including them would be "an affront to the city's identity"-- rather than a rejection of the environmentally-conscious festival theme.

However, Kassel is in the middle of a mayoral election campaign, according to the BBC, so politics may be playing a role.