Would You Spend $56 For A Flashlight?

I clicked on one of the adds that showed up here on Amirite, cuz it said everyone in Ohio is advised to have one of these.

$56 for a flashlight? I don't think so. (Those of you that believed you could keep your plan and that insurance cost would decrease under ACA - I think these lights are for you!)

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If they come out with one that repairs tires or automatically clobbers intruders we can discuss it. hehe smilie

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I was wondering how those compared to other flashlights.

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As a joke, the next one you send her could be a stun gun flash light ;P too "keep the boys away" ;P jk jk :)

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I said as a joke :P .... also if they're adults, having sleep overs (or living together) he might roll over and shes needs a stun gun to wake him and get him off ;P

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Well I sure hope she doesn't have any problems... but a tall guy alone doesn't mean there won't be problems.

One of the more muscled up guys I've ever met (6'4", wide frame, great college wrestler, all muscle) had problems when a drunk guy wouldn't take no for an answer... as the drunk keep kept trying to flirt with his wife.

After finally getting the drunk guy to go away, and them having a nice meal together, he had to use the restroom, and he heard his wife screaming as the drunk guy was sexually assaulting her.

The drunk guy ended up spending a good while in the hospital after he was done with him... but he got charged legally for fighting/assaulting/injuring the drunk guy. (I think the drunk guy got charged as well)

I have spent over two hundred for a flashlight.

@dru18 I have spent over two hundred for a flashlight.

I am NOT going for the low hanging fruit!

No kidding? What made it worth that kind of price tag?

@dru18 You could go into my backyard, turn it on, and see for miles, very clearly.

May I ask what the brand/model was?

I doubt I would buy it, as I have no reason to see for miles, but thought it might be cool to see in a video.

I've spent a lot more than that on one. I don't buy the ones they keep advertising though. I bought one a few years back that has a recharging station for around 150. I really like it. The cheap ones you see advertised for $50 you can buy direct from China for about $10 on TMart.com

Not just a flash light, but maybe a special flashlight... like a flashlight that could be used like a flashlight, stun-gun and billy club for protection or something.

Depends, is it my money or someone else's? wink smilie

no i usually pick them up for a buck at dollar tree or less at salvation army

If it lasted a long time

What else does it do?

Does it last forever?

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