Please make a negative and positive comment about Travel. What's good about it...and what's not so much fun...

Just like some activities...when you get home...the negatives are quickly forgotten and only the positives mostly remain.... Suddenly stories are glossed over...and all that w a i t i n g you did has no part in it....Oh and not to be forgotten...travel can take a toll on relationships, too...ha....

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Positive: If flying you get there quicker.

Negative: Missed flights, lost baggage, unruly passengers, too expensive, kids kicking the back of a seat.

If driving:

Positive: You can stop whenever you want, have snacks with you.

Negative: Dangerous traffic, traffic jams, unknown weather, overpacking, too tiring, wrong turns, lost! Taking a chance on overnight stops.

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For me, i pack too much.
That isnt the issue
It is the unpacking

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Ive always over packed.
It is a "what if" thing

There are a lot of Positive AND Negative aspects to traveling. It's all about perspective, as well as where and why you are traveling.
Positive: You might get to travel to new countries.
Negative: You might have to travel to countries you don't want to go to.
Positive: You get to be a tourist and take in the sights.
Negative: You might get ripped off at every corner because you are a tourist.
Positive: You might go on the trip with a close friend.
Negative: You might return with an enemy.

Traveling can be enjoyable or a disaster. Always have a backup plan in place.

The good news is that you get to see and experience brand new things (or revisit some favorites).

On the down side, you usually spend a fortune and start missing your pet and your own bed.

Good is seeing all the different places bad is the cost

Travel is horrible because of ALL the waiting, and all the sitting on your butt... it's like being in elementary school again, or maybe riding the bus to or from school again it's just waiting for something to happen.

But, if you have a good group of people, what fun you can have together, or what beautiful sites you might see while traveling.

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Positives: Experiencing something new. Learning about other cultures. Getting out of your comfort zone. Turning the world into a smaller place.

Negatives: Not being able to take everyone you love with you. There might not be sweet tea where you're going.

It opens your mind, but it's prohibitively expensive which makes for an elitist culture revolving around it.

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Negative: not knowing the lingo.

Positive: learning the lingo.

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