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It's a shame Carla, that adults can't get along on an opinion site like Amirite. They don't seem to realize they can give their opinion and respect others as well. And if someone disagrees that's OK too, no need to attack someone.

I've been accused of blocking people because of a disagreement, that is a big fat lie, I block for rudeness, someone wanting to pick a fight or if the debate is out of control. And I will always admit when I block someone, and not lie and say that other person blocked me, like I was accused of doing just last night, and that person knows he was lying.

But then I'm an adult, too bad there are so many immature people on this site who won't take responsibility for their actions, and are always trying to stir the pot and cause problems for the rest of us.

If they don't like this site, they should move on. If they don't like the questions, bypass them. If they don't like the mods, don't bad mouth them, find another site.

People need to grow up and have some fun instead of always being miserable and causing trouble for the rest of us.

Carla, so sorry to see you leave. it's been an honor and a privilege to have you as a friend. You will be sorely missed. Take care, my friend.

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Freeranger...always the light at the end of the tunnel...:)

It is possible to present a point of view without being insulting to others. And it is possible to agree to disagree.Sadly there is a lack of tolerance by some towards those with different views. I recently left another site because of all the infighting.Social media sites can, sadly, bring out the worst in people.

Sorry to see you go but no one will ever do that to me..

Ignore or block and continue forward..

On a side note i'll say...

I could easily forget about all the political arguing but just when it looks like it might die down.... I get reminded that the game is still on.

Might as well play the game..

What a damn shame. You WILL be missed, Carla.

There really are some people here, who refuse to engage in personal sort of insults or 'attacks' against people they have disagreements with. They DO stand out, like you have.

sad smiliel smilie

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Agree... And I am not talking about attacking... Heaven Fobid...!

But is it completely wrong to name the people you have blocked...or the ones who have you blocked... Maybe the truth could be refreshing.

As long as it is down without malice....and bearing in mind that you can take what you dish out.

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It's my understanding that she left because of all the hate and lies coming from some of the Trump supporters. Who lie all the time, attack others for no reason, blaming others for their bad conduct. Too bad, we lost a really good person because of all the vindictiveness some people have on this site.

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I know. She saw what had happened to me last night, all the lies that were said, and she didn't want any part of those types of people anymore. Can't say I blame her.

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People seem to forget this is an opinion site. People have every right to voice our opinion one way or another against what is happening in our country in a civil manner. I guess some people can't stand to hear the truth about the president. When he is indicted for fraud, conflicts of interest, then they will know we told the truth about this snake oil salesman.

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Evidently some have forgotten all the bad stuff they said about President Obama from day one. But that was OK, then, but now that they love Trump, how dare anyone speak the truth about him.

No you are not a liberal terrorist nor am I, and I resent that very much. I have never called a Trump supporter any of those names, and that is exactly why our friend left. She saw all the hate some of the supporters were spewing out about the anti Trumpers, and didn't like it at all.

I've said everything I had to say on that, so here's a catchy tune instead.

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lol that's great.

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Especially the part when he got abuse when all he wanted was a good argument. I've been there a few times... hehe smilie

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Of course. lol

But I don't want to beat the point to death.

It sucks to lose nice people...

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Toughen up? You make this sound like its real life.

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Yep and i've never had any problems with her..

We didn't agree on politics but we had respect for each other as friends..

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Incidentally Carla, I don't consider you to be part of the problem. I know we don't see eye to eye much, but I have no desire for you to leave. I have taken more abuse here than I've handed out and I try to keep my discussions civil.

I see while I was not paying attention a lot has happened. I ain't sure what went on but sorry to see anyone leave here no matter what the reason.