Do you tolerate a diversity of opinions on your posts, or do you silence anyone who disagrees with you?

Nobody likes to be told they're wrong, but in truth, sites like this run on disagreement because without disagreement, there is nothing to debate. Do you value a free and open debate, or do you silence dissenting opinions?

Image for post Do you tolerate a diversity of opinions on your posts, or do you silence anyone who disagrees with you?
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Doesn't bother me at all...they have an opinion just like me.

Matter of fact, i have never initially down voted anybody for any opinion, no matter how much i've disagreed with them..

The only time i down vote is to return the favor of intolerance..

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There is nothing to "tolerate". If I make a post, anyone is free to make any comment they wish, just as I am free to make any comment I wish throughout the site. If you are going to play in a political forum, make sure your skin is thick enough before jumping in.

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Gary, As we have found out over time, that some people see us as "an obnoxious, contradicting, hypocritical, belligerent troll", simply because we don't agree with them and voice our own opinions.

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I'm sure a fair share have blocked me as well. LOL

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I guess I'd have to say that congratulations are in order then..<s> I don't think many women get blocked. (Although I've thought about eliminating a few from my sight).

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I haven't been blocked in a while that I know of, but the day is young.


Well damn, with your anti feminist views I was pretty sure you're a guybiggrin smiliebiggrin smilie we do have our differences but at least we have what to agree on as well.

I both tolerate and expect a diversity of opinions, when I post anything on a site like this. Although I certainly prefer dissenting opinions to be civil, I have yet to "silence" those who choose not to be. I just have an aversion to using the using block feature, for some reason.
When people are consistently personally insulting, it's perfectly understandable that they would be blocked......

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I had to look that one up...

Bottle Job

Someone who constantly pulls out of events, in particular sporting activity, with use of various excuses.

Gary's such a bottle job....he's going to Torbay instead of playing the Bearsharks.

Im not sure if he's being a bottle job but he did sound quite scared!

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Hmm. I don't know enough to debate you on that Platinum, I'm not familiar with the term, but from the definitions I found, it sounds like a specific kind of coward, the kind that makes excuses to run away from a competition. But like I said, I have no idea, I'm relying on other people's definitions.

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Agree with you completely.

What kind of a petty child must I be to silence everoyne who disagrees with me? What will I do? Block them and go LALALALALALALALALA I can't hear you, you don't agree with me so you're dead to me.

I like all opinions as long as they're respectful and provide some point of view, the one thing I can't tolerate is people who stoop to mud slinging in order to discredit your opinion.