Trump claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Five issues here: 1- a president cannot order a wiretape. 2- in October The Guardian broke the news that FISA (foreign intelligence surveillance court) had granted the wiretap. 3- Republicans have continuously reenacted FISA saying it is a national security requirement even as Democrats have continuously tried to claim it was an invasion of privacy and should be eliminated. 4- Revealing the existence of a FISA wiretap is the same as disclosing top secret intelligence (worse than anything Hilary is accused of). 5- FISA, in theory, only orders these wiretaps in cases of strong evidence that a foreign government has infiltrated America and is operating a covert operation on US soil. So... it seems like Trump’s accusation is actually a violation of his sworn duty to protect national security, and perhaps an admission that there is in fact strong evidence of covert foreign activity inside of Trump Tower.