Why haven't we bred longevity into dogs ? If science has come so far, why does mans best friend only live 1/10 of a human life?

There is a species of whale that lives for 211 years, yet all other mammals live a fairly short time. Why cant we breed dogs to live longer by altering that gene?

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WEll we have science not magic. We would take a very long time till we reach a point where we'd be able to do that. We need to find all the longest living dogs, mate them, then find the longest living of those, mate them, and so on and so fourth. You can see this would take a number of years not even to say that some of these results may be a bit off, not every long living dog will produce another long living dog. When we breed what we''re doing is just creating our own form of evolution but instead of natural selection, it's human selection

Because we can't always play god with genetic tinker toys.

It's a noble idea, but I think we are only scratching the surface with genetic mutation research to extend life spans.

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