The Transgender Movement Is A Fairy Tale Destroying Our Children’s Lives Every few weeks, the transgender movement parades another person in front of the cameras for their cause. A few weeks ago, Bradley “Chelsea” Manning had his 15 minutes of fame when pardoned by Obama. Before that, 9-year-old “Joe” succeeded in reversing the Boy Scouts’100-year-old gender qualification. Last weekend, we met “Mack” Beggs. The LGBT community demands we accept people, especially children, not for who they are, but who they believe they are. We are told to ignore science and transform every part of society to cater to a few people. Yet, is this really good for the children? Are we really helping them, or selling them a fairy tale?

Surgeons can remove and attach body parts. Hairdressers can restyle hair. People can change whether or not they shave their legs. Doctors can pump billions of hormones into a body. All this alters how one looks. Yet, there is one thing you can never, ever change. DNA.

Through science, we know DNA determines gender at fertilization. In addition, DNA cannot be altered. So, no matter what you do to yourself, your DNA will always tell the truth of whether you are a boy or a girl.
Between 60-90% of transgenders have some sort of mental illness, including depression. Liberals argue their psychological issues stem from unhappiness with their current body. However, 20% of transgenders who have sex-change surgery regret it. Also, studies show 90% of transgenders retain their mental issue post surgery which is when many attempt suicide. Therefore, logic dictates transgenderism is a symptom of mental health, not the other way around.
We are our children’s greatest influence. What we accept, what we encourage, what we applaud is often transferred to our children. So I ask, why is there such an explosion now of transgender and homosexual children?
Kids are not born transgender. Childhood developmental disorder that comes out of some event or series of events or abuse or neglect or trauma or overbearing mother or father or someone or a lot of times its sexual abuse.”
Instead, teach them the scientific truth. From conception, they have been a precious, valuable human being. As a result, they might realize the body they were born with may be awkward and embarrassing, but it is theirs. It was formed by God, loved by God, and it is exactly who they were meant to be. Maybe then they will stop trying so hard to be someone else.
But that's just my two cents.!