There should be a Jim in everyone's life. Is there a Jim in yours?

Image for post **There should be a //Jim// in everyone's life.** //Is there a **Jim** in yours?//
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Yes, my favorite person in the world. My dad, who is turning 88 today....

@Sukiesnow Nice to have a dad.

It surely is, and I'm very grateful for it. Especially since he was written off to die back 1989, when it was clear my mother wasn't going to survive her 'battle' with cancer......

@Sukiesnow Why... Possible death out of hopelessness?

No, he had a minor heart attack and almost died from the complications of a GI bleed, due to the heparin he was given. He went ahead and had a major heart attack, and part of his heart died.
I have little doubt that his sheer will kept him alive, somehow, because he knew my mother needed him....

Of course...sometimes some "Jim's" are bound to cause trouble in one's life... In that case...eradicate!

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I have that sort of thing going on with people by the name of "Bill"... I stay away from them.

However I understand there is a Jim on here who is not all bad...ha...


Was he a slim Jim?

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Practice makes perfect, JD. hehe smilie

Of course there should be a Jim in everyone's life, ... and not just in the cross-hairs.

I've worked with a few Jims, but none in my family. Also, just talked to a Jim last night.

I use to have a boss named Jim...pretty sure I was the only person in the building he liked.


My uncle is Jim. A transgender. He used to be Aunt Jane. Those are the best kind of "Jims".

@Libby_Boredom My uncle is Jim. A transgender. He used to be Aunt Jane. Those are the best kind of "Jims".

Exciting. No matter how many bad things you do...nothing can ever measure up to your Uncle Jim. Lucky you.

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Does JIM BEAM count?


He's in a lot of people's lives...

Wait a minute, Sukie... I'm not sure what you mean.

A Jim... or a Jimmy...? biggrin smilie