A debate is better with a certain level of emotional disconnection

I'm guilty of this myself. Debate should be approached like a puzzle or challenge not a personal attack.

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-sigh- I hate when people post things about certain people in certain groups being assfucks in an attempt to paint all of them the same way through a common human compulsion to make everything small and easy to categorize so they can process it.


Crap...that was done purposely...too bad.

I prefer a dispassionate discussions, that way, debates are quite pleasant and not so violent. Not saying I always prefer this, a bit of emotion is not so bad, especially expression their ideas/belief/opinions on topics. Just not emotional where yelling in all caps happens in the debate. Which honestly, if the person is yelling, then they honestly lost the argument most of the time.

People don't know how to debate on this site without attacking someone. Sad.

It's better to be detached in most of life...unless it's personal.

I like a debate that has emotion balanced with facts and supported data. Debate without passion for your position puts people to sleep. Debate is never about personal attack. It's like a chess game.

A debate is fake without emotion.

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