People look better in uniform. Amirite?

Image for post **People look better in uniform.** //Amirite?//
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That also goes for my football pads fetish

All raise hands who get that soft feeling for someone in a uniform...

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I think you would like them out of uniform even better, Will. biggrin smilie

If they wear it well, yes

Idk...can't say that McDonald's outfit and cap ever really did anything to get a head turn from me....

Sukie, are you ok? You say some really weird things now and then.

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hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

So last week I was with my oldest at McDonald's when what appeared to be a manager slide a piece of paper across the counter to me...it was his numberomg smilie

Bridge elbows me and says "Mom, every woman loves a man in a uniform"ono smilie

In general, yes, but there are exceptions. biggrin smilie

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I think those generals get a medal for every week they survive without the Dear Leader purging them.

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There are varying reports on that. Traditional rifle firing squad, machine gun, anti-aircraft gun, starving dogs, etc.


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Only political wars.

So far.

@Carla Holy gaudy, batman!!

I especially like the third one from the right, who seems to have one medal hanging down from his fly.

Um... at least I THINK it's a medal. biggrin smilie

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