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Some favourite all time ppl music... Sounds of Silence.
Can you imagine it with out the lyrics? Of course while you are humming the tune you are whispering the words...

Christmas music like: Silent Night, Holy Night...without the sad...people would just be going...hmmm umm...hum um...Hum u hm...? Hum u hm...hum u hum! and hum u hum.....giggle.

You just might be underestimating the power of words...

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I'd have to rethink that....ha ha...

I can not make out the words in most cases. When I eventually puzzle them out, they usually make no sense.

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It works both ways. Some songs start with just singing and maybe a little piano or guitar and then blast to life when the music comes in. It all depends on how the song is put together.

Oh yes this song does that for me

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I don't know if you've listened to "time" or "kings of the past" by hans zimmer but i highly recommend it

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