Ever try to run away from home? Once...I made it to the gazebo...

Image for post **Ever try to run away from home?** //Once...I made it to the gazebo...//
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No, I never thought about it or tried it. My son when he was about six years old told me he was running away....I told him, that's fine, but when you leave you can't take anything with you, no clothes, shoes, or anything. His comment was: You mean I can't take a peanut butter sandwich? lol That was the end of that....he never again spoke of it. lol

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There's gotta be an interesting story there....

Yea, it was early morning and i gave up on running away, right about at lunch time..

Run away, no, but I did leave from some days and stayed at a friend's house after a big fight.

I did try to run away from my parents once when I was little though. They took me to the doctor to take a vaccine - I ran from the building and I was already by the side of the road when my dad found me. I have no clue where I was going, I just didn't want the needle close to me.

@Sukiesnow Ha. I can just see you...

Lol xD That my oldest memory when it comes to needles. Since then, I always feel a little bit of panic over the thought of having any used on me.

@Sofia Lol xD That my oldest memory when it comes to needles. Since then, I always feel a little bit of panic over the...

Even still...ppl can be horrible about it... Do you know how small and tender a little 8 year-old-girl's widdow arms are like? And giving needles needs the complete sympathy and commiserations package....

My physio was telling me about when her husband took their wee girl for a shot... Apparently he just sat there...she was shrieking when she heard the story... Like WTF?...

I guess he thought people should just "toughen" up... She was howling: She's only fucking four! How could you do that!! And what...you didn't even hold her afterward? You didn't sympathize?

She went on and on.... I gotta agree with her...there are a lot that can be changed about getting needles...esp to a child...but you don't always have any control over the procedure and who is giving it....:(

A couple of time. Once I made it to the driveway and came back. Second time I made it to a town 10 miles away and ran out of gas crs smilie

Sometimes I think about running away from here but I come right back...some things never change with me.


Yes, I have. My father was an asshole!

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@Balou Yes, I have. My father was an asshole!

Every child should be given the name of a place to go to if they want to run away... It's important.

So I finally did run away...but it happened years later and I never came back.

I didn't

Not really, mainly ran away to get time alone to think, calm down or vent.

yes and it was hell
I wound up on the street for a week asking for money