The worst time to pass a homeless person is on the way to the Airport. Where else?

Are you joking... This post is in poor taste...Really. "But it's Sunday..." She said. "No one should be allowed to JUDGE on a Sunday."

Image for post **The //worst// time to pass a homeless person is on the way to the Airport.** //Where else?//
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C'mon. It happens... You're heading into the Grocery store...

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I agree.

Red on you sez more I'm a goth undead wannabe something.

Still tho...you pass them everywhere and this post is mostly about guilt....

So everyone should agree with me about the guilt...

We dont have many around here.
Sometimes, when im in town, i will see someone with a sign AT the grocery store.

I always feel bad, have given money.
Usually a twenty.

Never know, though, if it really going to his family. Cant dwell.

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Oh that is funny because I always say to a friend at work " Ivan...Its Friday, there is no judging on Friday" hehe smilie

Its sad anytime to see someone homeless sad smilie

That's why this post has gallows humour... I don't expect everyone to get the nuances.

It sucks to pass a homeless person anywhere.

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