Does time feel different online, on Amirite? Does a day feel like a week, and a week like a month?

You say you've been on Amirite forever...but it's just been over 1 year.... And SodaHead...that feels like another age/space/time/continuum ago.... And maybe it feels different to ppl who are hardly ever on... I dunno...

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No, not really. Every day zooms by for me, not matter what I'm doing.

Yes time goes by really fast on here. I feel like I really have been here for years and SH is nothing but a distant memory for me.


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Yess... And it feels like forever....

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Good for you...better for me....

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yes...ive been on here for an hour and seemed like 30 min...I better shut down and do my chores before my wife comes home and kicks my ass

Time seems to go faster online.