What is your definition of paradise?

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A fantastic place where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

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I think you typed "whirled P's"

A cabin in the forest beside a lake or river.
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Thanks.:) I was inspired by my holiday in Hawaii last year. The pink and red things are supposed to be ginger and heliconia plants, respectively.))

Wifes asleep,kids arnt at home and its just me...my dog and a big steak on the grille...and beer

I can make the beach happen, I can make money happen, but I can't make waking up like this happen.... so this is paradise to me...

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Best time...ever...

I don't know but I bet you can only see it by the dashboard lights.

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Tropical,sunny,palm trees, blue-green water, amazing fruits you can't find anywhere else, no money woes, freedom, peace of mind