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Your right!

until they prove this hilarious microwave claim, they are the laughing stock of this town.

let's see what happens...

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She's taking back what she said?

Still doesn't mean she never said it, hun :)

"She claimed surveillance could be conducted with "microwaves that turn into cameras," and added: “We know this is a fact of modern life.”"

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just like Hilary tried to blame their own failures on Russia. but I bet you believe that. making you the hypocrite

I'm here because all I care about is people's opinions about Trump. There is no other subject. Trump is the only one.

CIA wants to spy on you through your appliances [Mar 18, 2012]

Smart appliances and devices connected to the web, the coming Internet of Things, will be like Americans planted bugging devices in their homes. The CIA is looking forward to such an opportunity for mass monitoring. In the not-too-distant future, household appliances and web-connected devices will offer the government unfettered access to spy on citizens.

These Devices May Be Spying On You (Even In Your Own Home) [Jan 27, 2014]

Your Television
Your Kitchen Appliances
Your DVR/Cable-Box/Satellite-TV Receiver
Your Modem (and Internet Service Provider)
Your Smartphone
Your Webcam or Home Security Cameras
Your Telephone
Your Lights, Home Entertainment System, and Home Alarm System
Your Thermostat (Heat and/or Air Conditioning)
Your Laundry Equipment
Your Medical Devices
Your iPod or Other Entertainment Devices
Coming Soon… Your Handgun