A fully functional society requires not only that people are differently-abled but also that we cherish those diverse abilities, even if we don't recognize them at first glance.

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I agree with that, course, we humans have a common tendency to take that which we should appreciate for granted.

From my observation, our society has two mutually extreme camps on 'diversity' which make so much noise they drown out the more reasoned minds, thus negating any meaningful dialogue. And diversity is scarcely the only topic where this dynamic is readily apparent.

The two camps being: a) No diversity at all and b) Diversity solely for the sake of diversity. Both approaches are wrong, imho.

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Not in my lifetime- as far as I can tell

Cherish? You read too many hippie magazines.

@SmartAZ Cherish? You read too many hippie magazines.

No such thing as 'too many hippie magazines'

I agree. There is a place for let's say "Janitors" and "Wait-staff" as well as "Doctors"...and they are all needed to make society function well.

I commented but then I got confused later...from reading other ppls comments...

What exactly do you mean by the post? If you could rephrase it, please...